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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


"When will there be a second book?"
"How is Mindy doing now?"
"Hurry up and write book number two!"

This is some of the feedback I have heard since publishing my first book in March 2012. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many nice people who have contacted me on my Facebook page after reading it.

To answer the first question, I have been gathering my thoughts for another book, and I even have a working title (which I will not disclose as of yet!).  But I should add that in light of the past year's events with the pit bull attacks on Mindy, a second book won't be as lighthearted as the first book. Some serious stuff has happened and it still affects me and her to this day. But writing is therapeutic for me so I think it will be good to write out my feelings.

As far as Mindy is concerned, she is doing great in her own neurotic way!  Walking is still a challenge, but I don't know if that will ever change!  She seems to be slowing down a bit. Sometimes I forget that she is probably over 8 years old now. We have had her for almost 6 years and she was estimated to be 2 years-old when we rescued her.  It's hard to believe as the time has gone by so fast!

I am hurrying!!!  I am having foot surgery at the beginning of December so maybe that's when I can get started with book #2!

Until next time...

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