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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


"When will there be a second book?"
"How is Mindy doing now?"
"Hurry up and write book number two!"

This is some of the feedback I have heard since publishing my first book in March 2012. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many nice people who have contacted me on my Facebook page after reading it.

To answer the first question, I have been gathering my thoughts for another book, and I even have a working title (which I will not disclose as of yet!).  But I should add that in light of the past year's events with the pit bull attacks on Mindy, a second book won't be as lighthearted as the first book. Some serious stuff has happened and it still affects me and her to this day. But writing is therapeutic for me so I think it will be good to write out my feelings.

As far as Mindy is concerned, she is doing great in her own neurotic way!  Walking is still a challenge, but I don't know if that will ever change!  She seems to be slowing down a bit. Sometimes I forget that she is probably over 8 years old now. We have had her for almost 6 years and she was estimated to be 2 years-old when we rescued her.  It's hard to believe as the time has gone by so fast!

I am hurrying!!!  I am having foot surgery at the beginning of December so maybe that's when I can get started with book #2!

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tonight I sit here writing this with mixed emotions.  Is it possible to feel happy to one extent, but yet so sad to another?

You may recall that last July, Mindy and my husband were attacked by a Pit Bull/Great Dane mix in our neighborhood while on a morning walk.  Mindy sustained several puncture wounds and my husband cut open his thumb on the key chain which was holding a canister of pepper spray.  He never had a chance to use the pepper spray with this 100-pound dog barreling down on him.  With this in mind, we purchased stun batons for ourselves, the Wise's, and their neighbors.  We hoped that we would never have to use them.

I attended the hearing last year along with the three other victims of this dog.  The dog was deemed Potentially Dangerous and he was returned to the owner with a laundry list of restrictions that she agreed to abide by. The main restriction was the dog could not be anywhere near the front yard without being tethered and without a muzzle.  A couple of months after the dog was returned to her, I started hearing rumblings in the neighborhood that the dog was seen without being on a leash or without a muzzle. My husband crossed paths with her once while walking Mindy and her dog was not muzzled.  I even heard that she changed the dog's name which I assumed was an attempt to change his identity.  Animal Control was suppose to microchip him before he was released to her, so I figured she could call him whatever she wanted to call him. His true identity was in that chip.

This past March 13th, my neighbor Mark and I were walking our dogs like we normally do when this dog fled out of the open garage and tried to attack us again. Without going into all of the details (it will be fully written about in my next book), Mark was able to fend off the attack with the stun baton. The protection we bought did its job.  Unfortunately he hurt his ankle in the melee, but no one got bit. It was a very close call. When I contacted animal control, I found out that she had reported the dog stolen within a few weeks of getting him back which explained the name change.

Last Thursday we were subpoenaed as witnesses in an Administrative hearing to determine if the dog should be deemed vicious and euthanized.  At this hearing, Mark and I testified as to what happened that night. Gregg also testified as to seeing her walk the dog without a muzzle.  The dog owner and her family seemed to have a hard time keeping up with their fabricated stories as to how the dog was stolen and it was a lookalike stray dog that tried to attack us. But wait, she stole her stolen dog back in April. It was evident that they went to extreme measures to not have to follow the restrictions that were placed on the dog.  The hearing officer wanted a few days to review all of the evidence, so we walked out of the hearing not sure which way the decision would go.

I found out this morning that the hearing officer decided in the favor of Animal Control and us.  The dog was deemed vicious and will be euthanized (although the dog owner may appeal).  I started shaking almost uncontrollably when I heard the news because at that moment I was full of what felt like a million emotions. Justice was finally served and the hearing officer found our testimony to be credible without bite marks or other witnesses.  This does make me sad for the dog because he could have had a decent life even with restrictions. It's obviously in his nature to attack other dogs if he is put in the position to do so.  It was his owner who placed him in that garage without being tethered. It was his owner who put him in the position to attack 5 times.  It was his owner who decided to lie and cheat her way out of the system .  It was his owner that will now cost this dog his life.  He is a victim too. A victim of an irresponsible dog owner.

But on the happy side, our neighborhood was made much safer today.

Until next time...

Thursday, January 10, 2013


How can it be that 2012 is already over!  Where did the time go?  It seems like the older I get, the faster the years fly by. I just wish time would slow down a little bit so I could stop and smell the roses more than I do.

The holidays were good and we enjoyed time with our family and friends.  On December 27th we marked Mindy's 5-year RE-birthday. The day we saved her life from the county shelter.  It's amazing to think about how much she has changed over these past 5 years.  Don't get me wrong, she's still neurotic as all get out, but she has just thrived in so many other areas. It's hard to believe that she is the same dog that we brought home that day. Sometimes I reflect on what her life would have been (or not have been) if I had not seen that Petfinder ad on that fateful morning.  I also reflect on the fact that if I had not rescued her, I still may not know the joys of dog ownership. In so many ways, it feels like we were meant to find each other.  Kismet if you believe. 

I have had some inquiries as to whether I will be writing Tails of My Rescue Dog- Part 2.  I am gathering my thoughts together and thinking that I may attempt to do so this year. The year 2012 definitely gave me plenty of writing material between the dog attacks and our trip to Kansas. If I feel that I can write a quality follow-up book that will be interesting to the reader then I will do so.  I don't want to write a book that isn't "up to snuff" and have it appear that I am trying too hard to ride the coattails of my first book.  The subject of Mindy is too near and dear to my heart for anything of less quality. Even though I am not a professional author, I do set high standards for myself.  Especially if I am going to put my writing out there for others to read. So I will start writing a draft and see where it leads.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to all of the new people who have "LIKED" my Facebook page. It's nice interacting with people from all parts of the country, and now I can say all over the world because just today a gentlemen from South Australia liked my page.  Thank you and welcome to all! I have met some very nice people and I enjoy reading all of the rescue stories that are messaged to me.  One of my newest Facebook friends (a very sweet lady) recently told me that "animal loving people are the BEST".  I have to agree!

So as we head into 2013, I didn't make any New Year's resolutions as that is not really my thing, but I will make it a goal to update my blog more frequently. I have been thinking about how I can make my blog interact better with my Facebook page so I will have more things to write about.  My mind is always going...no wonder I feel tired all of the time! And on that note, I wish everybody a happy and prosperous New Year!

Until next time,